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How to be a property manager

Managing real estate, from single family homes to high-rise office buildings, isn't difficult. In fact, it is so easy that a lot of people look at it, say "I can do this", tear into it, and fail badly.

If you wish to be a property manager, you just have to make some preparations and employ a lot of organization. In these pages, we discuss many of the landlording issues you will encounter, from tenant screening through real estate law to management rules. We also look at maintenance issues such as HVAC repair, plumbing, and electrical work. We consider some of the common investor issues. We do this through anecdotes and through lectures. Some will amuse you, some will perhaps frighten you, and some will leave you thoughtful.

Check back frequently; we are always adding articles. Enjoy.

Managing: Always screen your tenants

Managing: And be careful when checking references.

Managing: You need to have a written plan governing your screening and acceptance criteria

Managing: Prospective tenant wants to pay a year in advance. Let him?

Managing: Changing locks is a hugely important job

Managing: Tell me about the military clause and whether I should rent to someone who needs one.

Managing: My tenant wants to do maintenance in exchange for rent. Should I?

Plumbing tips: How to fix a single-handle tub faucet.

Plumbing tips: Is there really a difference in quality among various faucet brands?

Plumbing tips: Pinholes in copper water pipes? For real?

Plumbing tips: Tell me about sump pumps

Plumbing tips: How do I clean out a bathroom sink clog?

Managing: Should I let my tenant make rent deposits to my checking account?

Finance: I am thinking about a commercial property. What do I need to know?

Finance: What is the Gross Rent Multiplier?

Finance: Should I invest in a mobile home park?

Finance: There are no risks in real estate!

Managing: Dealing with tenants is occasionally entertaining.

Finance: Protect Family Assets Case Study Write a mortgage for mom?

Finance: What is a lease-option?

Finance: Case Study: Is this lease-option a good deal?

Finance: Creative Financing: Is this a good deal?

Finance: Purchase a 4-plex: Is this a good deal?

Finance: My parents want to set me up for life. Should I?

Finance: Should I invest in a condo for a rental?

Electrical: Vent fans can burn!

Electrical: Faking a grounded outlet

Electrical: Electrical outlet going bad?

Electrical: My cable coax caught fire!

Appliances: My refrigerator is leaking water.

Appliances: My refrigerator is only cool, but the freezer remains cold. What is wrong?

Air Conditioning tips. Bad compressor?

Air Conditioning tips. But what if the compressor IS bad?

Air Conditioning tips. What are the ways a compressor can fail, anyway?

Air Conditioning tips. Should I pay for a spring air conditioner tuneup?

Furnace tips. My new furnace isn't working

Furnace tips. My high efficiency furnace only runs for a few seconds.

Furnace tips. My oil burning furnace won't start

Furnace tips. How to maintain an oil burning furnace

Computers. How To Properly Maintain a Microsoft Windows Computer Part 1

Computers. How To Properly Maintain a Microsoft Windows Computer Part 2: Running Chkdsk

Computers. How To Properly Maintain a Microsoft Windows Computer Part 3: Running MSConfig

Computers. How To Properly Maintain a Microsoft Windows Computer Part 4: Become Resistant to Malware

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