Rental Property Management Software

PROPERTY MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE FOR THE ENTERPRISE The Property Manager handles all lease types, does rent escalators, manages CAM including stoploss, does percentage of retail, handles value added tax or sales tax.

FOR THE PRIVATE LANDLORD or small investor, our Personal or Standard Editions are property management software that provides all the most necessary features in a package that runs "out of the box"


Now supporting 64 bit Windows, Release 6 is a whole new architecture that makes your job much easier. See what has changed,, or download a demo

The Property Manager by Just So Software will save you time, money, and effort.

The Property Manager is mature software to do the whole job, organizing your business and making your accounting a breeze.
Our rental property management software
organizes your apartments and houses,
commercial property, mobile home parks, storage facilities, or property owner associations. We handle all kinds of property configurations, and multiple owners of those properties.

On your desktop, on your LAN, or across the internet, The Property Manager is available in a version that will suit your needs.

We have all the features you need, from all the basics to things like tenant screening, workorders, purchase orders, maintenance, and e-pay support. We even provide a property management website capability that integrates into the package.

Download a free demo and see for yourself why ours is the premier property management software system.
Rental Property Management Software
A big thank you to a competitor!

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