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Obtaining support for The Property Manager

Go here if you are using Windows Vista with Release 5 of The Property Manager
Go here to obtain contact information about us
Go here to review the frequently asked questions
Go here to view tutorials and online demos
Go here to obtain an update to The Property manager
Go here to review the revision history of The Property Manager
This site is an outstanding resource for learning how to accomplish the port forwarding that is required by both the Enterprise Edition and the Hosted Edition.

Important note: If you are having trouble with The Property Manager, before contacting us make sure you have run chkdsk or scandisk to fix any file system errors. Do this even if you have a new system. Also make sure you have a properly functioning firewall in place, your antivirus is installed, working, and up to date, and your system is not infested with spyware or trojans.

Also be sure to read the user documents before calling us.

If you call for telephone support, you will be asked for your registration number and your credit card information. If we determine it is your problem and not ours, you will be charged $19.95 for telephone support.

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