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Our users comment:

"I have downloaded, installed and attempted to use nine different trial property managements packages over the last week. I will be ordering "The Property Manager"; I think. It feels like "the sweet spot"; compared to the other eight I tried" - Kevin Tinkler, Thornton CO. "This program is awesome. It does everything I can think of and keeps all the data well organized and easy to find." - Judy Monhollen, Vice President, Ohio Real Estate Investors Association

"We recommend The Property Manager as the best solution to our clients who are real estate investors. It is clearly better for the property management job than Quickbooks Pro."- Dana Schock, CPA. Campbell-Schock CPA "Its capabilities remind me of Yardi. My only comment is that Yardi is more convenient to use when entering property owner information." - Matt Hunter, Hunter Property Management, Ft. Wayne, IN.
Mr. Hunter was commenting about Release 4.1.04 Corporate. His comment has subsequently been addressed and owner info is now handled very conveniently in Release 4.4.

And we have just received this very nice letter:

I wanted to write to let you know how happy I was with my evaluation of your software and that it was a very easy decision to purchase the corporate version of The Property Manager with a license for 125 units.

My husband and I own about 50 units (single homes, duplexes, 4-unit and 6-unit) and we also own 21 more units (4-unit and 17-unit building) with another business partner. We have no intention of starting up a property management company, so we are truly landlords and continually growing. I have been tracking all of our income and expenses as well as tenant information manually creating Excel spreadsheets and Word documents. I decided that it was finally time to purchase a property management software package that could automate most (if not all) of these tasks.

I have reviewed 11 different property management software programs and did full evaluations (trial demos) on the 6 that I felt were my best options with prices ranging from $150 up to $1200 for up to 125 units.

There was basically no contest when I started my evaluation of Property Manager. In comparing Property Manager to the other products, I found the main screen to be so easy to navigate and very straight forward to use, as well as all of the other screens. With some of the other products I felt overwhelmed and felt like I would have to spend several hours learning how to use it. I believe you are the only company that does not charge extra for technical support, probably because your product is the only one that doesn't need any major support since its so easy to use.

Property Manager also had all of the capabilities (if not more) of the more expensive products, but it's MUCH easier to use and EXTREMELY flexible. When evaluating some of the other products, I kept running into, "well, we can't do that, but possibly in a future version?". With Property Manager, it can do everything that I want it to, and it is SO customizable. The reporting feature far surpasses any of the other packages that I looked at. Again, because of its flexibility, I can essentially make up any report I want to.

I can strongly recommend your product to any real estate investor who manages their own properties.

Rebecca Rice
South Wedge Properties, LLC
Pittsford, NY

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