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Our Peer to Peer Networking gives you unparalled power

The Property Manager defines the state of the art in wide area networking for property management software packages. We are the best in the industry, hands down, and without exception.

The Property Manager brings unprecedented power to online property management software packages, outperforming SQL server-based systems by all important measures, and making web-based property management software systems obsolete.

The Property Manager employs a groundbreaking peer to peer client-server technology to establish a virtual private network for your Enterprise, thus bringing a new level of capability to property management software that is used across the internet.

The Property Manager permits flexible network topologies, and can simultaneously both serve and be a client with multiple simultaneous connections to multiple servers in disparate locations

The Property Manager is not vulnerable to any of the security problems that plague web-based applications, and employs a security model that helps secure your critical data EVEN IF the server becomes compromised. The Property Manager is also more secure than an SQL-based system.

In its simplest form, The Property Manager is configured like a traditional client-server architecture, with the entire database on one server which services all clients.

But the database may also be distributed across multiple servers with no impact on performance. A dedicated server is now optional; the ordinary workstation in one of your remote rental offices can serve part or all of the database. Any Microsoft Windows system can serve part or all of the database.

The Property Manager is highly fault tolerant. If the server or the network goes down, The Property Manager keeps on working using locally cached data. Thus, your business isn't down if your server is down. When the server comes back up, The Property Manager carries on just as if nothing at all had happened.

The Property Manager is more powerful and flexible in its networking than any SQL-based system. The advantages to the Enterprise are obvious, but with our hosted edition, The Property Manager also makes this formidable capability available to the smaller organization

More detail is available in our FAQ, or you may download and read our networking whitepaper.

The Property Manager. Superior by design.

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