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The Property Manager Hosted Edition is an affordable way to have full capability across the internet.

The Property Manager Hosted Edition establishes a virtual private network across the internet between your computers and our server.

You may have all the functionality of the Standard Edition, or the Corporate Edition, or the Enterprise Edition, with us hosting your data as an online property management software package. This lets you have multiple offices where you can access your data, affordably, even if you are a small landlord. Absolutely no other internet based property management software package comes close to matching our capability.

The Property Manager Hosted Edition looks just like the comparable desktop version of The Property Manager and works almost identically. In fact, unless your network connection is slow, congested, or down, the Hosted Edition works so much like the desktop version that you usually won't notice that you are working across the internet.

The major feature of the Hosted Edition is that, unlike any of our competitors, if the network goes down the Hosted Edition keeps on running using data it has previously cached. Thus, your office keeps working even if you can't communicate with the server.

Finally, our advanced networking architecture is highly secure and very robust. Hence we don't have to devote massive resources to maintaining it. This means that the Hosted Edition costs less than any of our competitors. Service starts at just $50 per month for up to 5 locations and up to 50 units.

Does more, costs less. What could be better?

You can see more detail about our networking capability in the FAQ

Co-location agreements are available for large organizations; we will maintain your server for you. Call for information.

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