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You may download a fully functional demo of The Property Manager Edition Release 5 or Release 6. You have your choice of the Standard Edition Release 6 or the Corporate Edition Release 5 for your download. Please note that the Release 5 demo only works on 32 bit Windows machines, while the Release 6 demo works on all 32 and 64 bit Windows from Windows 2000 on. This fully functional demo will automatically time out after 30 days.

The Standard Edition is the simpler version, mostly intended for private owners and those who do not wish comprehensive accounting or bank account management.

The Corporate Edition is intended for larger organizations, or those who operate commercial properties and those who require comprehensive accounting capability.

Documentation on the accounting system is accessible from Start/Programs/The Property Manager. You need the Adobe Acrobat reader to read these docs; you can get it here:

If this link doesn't work for you, use this one and navigate your way to the download:

You may contact us at any time to convert the demo version to a fully registered version, without losing your data.

Important Note: The demos currently available on our website have no known bugs and will run very well with no performance issues on a clean computer.

If you have trouble loading or running our demos, then you have a corrupted Microsoft Windows installation. This is a very common and very dangerous problem.

This is very dangerous to you because your machine could be a zombie and could be hosting illegal data without your knowledge.

If you have trouble loading/running the demos, then please contact us for help.

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