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The Property Manager provides all the property management software capability a landlord or property manager needs for apartment management, rental housing management, mobile home park management, or property owner association management, from the smallest to the largest organization. We don't presume to tell you what you need; you will simply find that everything you need is available in one or another version of our package. The Property Manager is available in three basic configurations, with multiple options for each configuration, ranging from simple to comprehensive.

Our package provides greater flexibility for managing apartments, houses, and commercial properties than the market leaders provide. We outperform Tenant Pro across the board and we can prove it. Unlike their package, our package is built upon a relational database. Consequently, our package matches all the features they provide, is easier to configure and use, far more flexible, and has features they never will be able to match.

Our rental software for smaller landlords bring the same flexibility and capability to the smaller organization, a capability that comfortably exceeds that of Rent-Right.

Our entry level package (the Personal Edition) make Quicken Rental Property Manager look limited and useless.

For day to day work, The Property Manager is almost trivially easy to use. Yet, it has capability that matches or exceeds that of any other package on the market in any price range, and it exceeds the capabilities of all packages targeted for owners of under about 5,000 units. For large organizations, The Property Manager compares favorably with AMSI, Yardi, and LogicBuilt across the board, while trouncing them (and literally all other property management software packages) in networking capability, and while being easier to configure and use than those packages. The Property Manager is emerging as the "standard to beat" in property management software.

With the addition of a personality module, The Property Manager, chameleon-like, can change its appearance and workings to accomodate any property management job, including homeowner associations, property owner associations, and hotel/motel applications among others.

Visit our online tutorials to see how The Property Manager works.

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